Niklas Benjamin Hoffmann at first attracted international attention when he won the prestigious Donatella Flick & LSO Conducting Competition in London in November 2016. He was appointed as Assistant Conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra and had his debut with the orchestra in Vietnam in March 2017, stepping in at short notice. Since then, he has received invitations as guest conductor from orchestras, such as the Haydn Orchestra Bolzano (Italy), the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra (Denmark), the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra (Russia), the Folkwang Chamber Orchestra (Essen, Germany), the Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland Pfalz (Germany) and the Orchestra della Toscana in Florence (Italy). In 2018 he founded the “Ensemble Momentum”, following his urge to develop new and unique concert experiences by combining cross-art concepts with the highest musical standards.

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2022/23 Season

14-16 October 2022 – Ensemble Momentum, Freiburg
"Nachtmusik" / „Night Music“
A cross-art concert with music by Mozart and Schönberg, as well as visuals and an exhibition by artist Lucian Patermann

14.10.2022, 7:30 pm at Lokhalle Freiburg
15.10.2022, 7:30 pm at KET-Halle Weimar
16.10.2022, 5:00 pm at Phillipuskirche Leipzig

10 November 2022 - Ensemble Momentum, Erfurt
"Dreaming Bach"
A concert with baroque, minimal music and electroacoustic music
Works by J. S. Bach, Joshua Lutz (First Performance) and John Adams

10.11.2022, 8:00 pm at "Zentralheize" Erfurt

17 November 2022 – Ensemble Momentum, Dortmund
Music performance at the opening ceremony of the World-Finals of the World-Robot-Olympiad
Music by Joshua Lutz

16-18 December 2022 – Brandenburger Symphoniker
Symphonic Christmas Concerts with music by Elgar, Händel and Haydn

16.12.2022, 19.30 Uhr, Brandenburger Theater
17.12.2022, 19.30 Uhr, Brandenburger Theater
18.12.2022, 16:00 Uhr, Nikolaisaal Potsdam

24 April 2023 – Slovak Sinfonietta / Allegretto Zilina Festival 2023
Opening Concert of the Festival


2021/22 Season

14 August 2021 – Capitol Sinfonie Orchester, Offenbach
"Sommernachtsträume" - An Open-Air-Concert with Music by Metallica, Queen, Puccini, Rossini and others

2 September 2021 – Ensemble Momentum
Arnold Schönberg: „Verklärte Nacht“ - A cross-art video production with a painting by Lucian Patermann

27 September 2021 – Federal Youth Orchestra Hamburg
Finals of the Composers Competition by Landesmusikrat Hamburg
Music by Yuji Yao, Emanuel Meshvinsky and Leon Zmelty

11-14 November 2021 – Fontana Mix Ensemble, Bologna
Composer-/Conductor Workshop, with an own first performance

18 November 2021 – Capitol Sinfonie Orchester, Offenbach
Concert with music by John Williams, Beethoven and others

10 December 2021 – Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin
Opera: Mozart - Die Zauberflöte

16 and 18 January 2022 – Capitol Sinfonie Orchester, Offenbach
New Year's Concert with music by Strauss, Saint-Saens, Ray Parker and others

26 February 2022 – KHG-Orchester, Freiburg
Symphonic Concert with music by Mahler and Tschaikovsky

18 May 2022 - Ensemble Momentum, Weimar
7:30 pm at Schießhaus Weimar

"Der Verlorene Klang" / "The Lost Sound"
A Concert with music and poetry. With orchestral works and songs by Schostakovich, Brouwer, Wolf and Niklas Hoffmann, poetry by Mascha Kaléko, Rose Ausländer and Rüdiger Görner
Soprano: Marleen Mauch
Speaker: Esther Bertram

29/30 July 2022 - Ensemble Momentum, Weimar
7:30 pm at mon ami Weimar

"Dreaming Bach"
A concert with baroque, minimal music and electroacoustic music
Works by J. S. Bach, Joshua Lutz (First Performance) and John Adams

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